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Mandy Lewis
“I have always had an athletic body type, and a love for exercise. I worked out very strenuously in high school and through my early twenties, to the detriment of my knees, which were painful every time I did a standard squat. Then life happened; I got married, had two daughters and a full-time job, and working out fell by the wayside. I gained 40 lbs AFTER I gave birth the second time, and was in the worst shape of my life by the time my youngest daughter was a toddler.Mandy-Lewis

Then I met Joe. I had the unique perspective of seeing him interact with his clients before becoming one myself, as we shared office space. I can honestly say from both sides, as an observer and a client, that he is 100% genuine in his care and concern for each individual’s personal fitness journey, right down to the music stations he tailors to each of his clients. He is not only an expert in his field, but he is full of positive energy, humor and enthusiasm, and his passion for what he does radiates from him and inspires people to do their best. It’s nearly impossible to leave a session with Joe and not have a smile on your face. I speak from personal experience, and from watching each client walk out the door after a session!
Working out with Joe on the Power Plate (a machine I had previously walked past a hundred times and ignored) was a life-changing experience. For the first time EVER, I could do squats for as long as I wanted, with NO KNEE PAIN! My body responded very quickly to the Power Plate, as well as the expert instruction and guidance from Joe. I often tell people how I got better results from one 45-minute session per week with Joe, than I did from working out 6 days a week in the gym during my twenties.
All told, I lost 50 lbs, taking me down to a weight I hadn’t seen since before high school! My love for exercise and fitness was renewed, and I feel younger and stronger now than I did 10 years ago. If you’re looking to be inspired, listened to, and accepted right where you are, and if you need exercise to be FUN, Joe is the right trainer, and Concept Training is the right place for you.”
Gail Negilski
“Three years ago, my 64-year-old body felt like it was turning to cement. I hurt all over. My joints hurt, especially my knees. I couldn’t walk well. I had to go up and down stairs one at a time — sideways. I couldn’t bend over to garden, which I love to do. I felt like I was on a downward spiral that would land me in a wheel chair. I was aging way too fast! Through a functional medicine doctor, the causes were determined to be a gluten sensitivity and B-12 deficiency. While we began addressing those issues, the problems with stiff joints and unused muscles remained.
Enter Joe Boggs at Concept Training…… I was hesitant as I had never worked with a trainer before, but even in the first session, I felt we made headway toward a body that would move again! None of it has been painful, but we moved a little further each week. And it’s been enjoyable — which isn’t to say we don’t work! I always come out feeling better than when I went in. Joe has helped me through lower back issues, plantar fasciitis, IT band pain, and bursitis in my hip. Because of Joe’s knowledge, his Power Plate and the rest of his equipment, and the way he applies all this, I am now able to move, garden, walk, and go up and down stairs the way younger people do. I have more stamina and more strength. Instead of feeling like I’m on the short track into a wheel chair, I feel like I am getting younger and stronger, able to do more and enjoy life again. I just bought myself a kayak!”
Jim Wade
This is why I go to Concept Training and will keep going: Nothing hurts. I’m stronger. I feel great. I’m taller. I have increased flexibility. Training with Joe enhances all other exercises I do. I have more stamina. It is the fastest 45 minutes of my day. Joe can explain everything! Joe’s training program is a “fountain of youth”…drink up!